Landscape architecture, natural and cultural resources and the physical environment for human benefit, happiness, safety, health and comfort, dealing with aesthetic and scientific principles, creating space and living environment, supporting biodiversity, land planning, design, protection and restoration. Landscape architecture is a branch of planning and design that takes place in physical plans on a regional, urban and rural scale, ensuring the preservation of cultural and natural values ​​and the production of projects with ecological priority for sustainability.

Soft landscape materials (living materials such as herbaceous, woody, aquatic, seasonal and vegetative plants, grass, shrubs, shrubs, trees) are used in the planning and design process; hard landscape materials (wood, brick, gravel, rock, glass, travertine, sculpture, metal) are used. Inanimate materials such as cobblestone, cobblestone are used.There are also different structural landscape elements (urban equipment) within the scope of landscape structures.Landscape architecture is a coordinated working discipline with many branches of art, especially architecture, space and volume arts.

Peyzaj uygulaması yapılan alanların büyüklüğü ve kullanım şekilleri imkan ve mekan ölçüsünde büyük farklılıklar gösterebilmektedir. Bu aşamada peyzaj uygulaması yapılan alanların etkisinin sürekliliğinin sağlanması ve yapılan maddi harcamaların uzun vadede kalıcılığının sağlanması anlamında profesyonel peyzaj bakımı yapan firmalarla çalışılması zorunluluğu ortaya çıkmaktadır.

Periodic Maintenance of Landscape Areas

Maintenance work to be done may vary on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, depending on the location and size of the area.

Works that can be done within the scope of periodic maintenance; routine lawn form and maintenance of lawns, fertilization and spraying of grass and plants in appropriate periods, maintenance and spraying of indoor plants, follow-up and application of pruning operations to be made in different plant species in appropriate periods, plant that will eliminate deformation caused by different reasons in landscaping areas. planting works and grass field intermediate planting operations.

Where Can It Be Used?

  • Offices and Workplaces
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Shopping Malls
  • Banks
  • Malls
  • Homes
  • Subways
  • Factories
  • Prefabricated Buildings
  • Conference Rooms