How to Choose a Thermal Insulation Company?

For thermal insulation in buildings, more important than the thermal insulation decision taken by the house managers and floor owners together is to decide on a professional sheathing company that can meet your expectations.

As the insulation sector grows day by day, the increase in the number of material manufacturers and sheathing companies and the reflection of this competition on the building owners are of great importance. Price-oriented sheathing companies, which do not comply with the standards and are not competent in their job, and companies that make insulation with low-paid application personnel, cause both material and moral damage to the residents. Residents of flats who want to save on fuel costs by insulating and live in safer and more comfortable buildings are disappointed.

Varna Yapı, the leading sheathing company of the insulation sector with its functional, aesthetic and innovative solutions, takes into account the latest technological developments of the age, the ecological structure of the environment in which they live, in order to transform their homes, which are the assets of people with the highest moral value, into safer, aesthetic and saving structures. is a sheathing company that designs business processes by giving importance to the development and satisfaction of its employees, which it considers as its most valuable partners, makes all the structures it touches more valuable with this unique business design, and takes it as a mission to reflect this value to all its surroundings and customers.


First of all, jacketing companies that have a good infrastructure and technical staff, have not left any work incomplete, can give references, have full knowledge of the application, and have trained teams in the field of application and occupational safety should be preferred.

İZODER, which is the locomotive of the insulation sector in Turkey, is Turkey's most comprehensive accredited insulation laboratories, Test Documentation Research and Development Trade. A.Ş. (TEBAR), the Personnel Certification Center has started issuing certificates by subjecting the insulation masters to heat, water, sound and fire insulation applications with the authorization received from the Vocational Qualifications Authority. It is of great importance for the health of the insulation application to be made.

The sheathing companies that make the application should be able to stand behind their work. The supplier and himself must be able to give a guarantee of at least 5 years for both the workmanship and the materials used. Sheathing materials that comply with the standards and are guaranteed by the manufacturer should be used.

Before starting the implementation, the contract should be signed and all the terms of the work should be specified in the signed contract in detail.

Sheathing companies should give the SGK entries of the personnel who will work in the application, without the building/site managements involuntarily.

Companies that examine the building on-site and give the most accurate prices accordingly should be preferred instead of companies that give prices by heart without making any discovery.

The financial structures of some companies may not be strong enough to complete the work, the financial structures of the candidate companies should be examined and a letter of guarantee should be requested according to the size of the business.