What is Screed Application?

It is a coating material that is poured for floor insulation, to increase visual beauty and for private use on the poured, dry leveling concrete.

Purpose of Screed Application

The purpose of screeding or pouring screed is to protect the leveling concrete poured surface from the negative effects of the external environment. Extends the life of the area to be used on concrete surfaces. It is to make floor coverings in accordance with the characteristics of the surfaces to be used for different special purposes. The usage areas of the screed are very wide.

Screed Usage Areas

  • First of all, in the base parts of all buildings,
  • In places under the influence of water and humidity,
  • In open and closed parking lots,
  • In the factory interior and exterior areas,
  • Factory ceiling part is on the main surface,
  • Outdoor sports fields, indoor sports areas,
  • In exhibition and show halls etc. screed casting is done in many places.

In the places written above and similar places, screeding ensures that the floor dries, the smoothness of the surface and the visuality come to the fore.