Decorative Jamb

Jamb is known as a general name given to all decorative building decoration elements (floor molding, sill profile, corner profile, column, column, coping, buttress, keystone, etc.).

It is called exterior coating products for decoration and insulation purposes, which are mixed with special chemical components of silica sand on the foam used in exterior sheathing for construction and plastered on it by means of a mortar coating machine. What is a jamb? In short, it is the name given to the decorative profiles applied to the window and door edges.

Exterior Jamb will add value to the value of your building as it also increases the aesthetic appearance of your work. Decorative Jamb is an insulation material that is highly resistant to external factors such as sound and heat, as well as giving your buildings an aesthetic appearance. Window applications can be made under the jambs or under the marble around the Jamb Window produced by İzopiyer, or crown applications can be made on the upper part of the jambs.

Exterior Jamb design, jamb manufacturing and jamb assembly are done by our company Varna Yapı. Door and window jambs, which are used in decoration and detailing, can be produced in different models and sizes. Decorative Jambs give buildings an aesthetic appearance.

When using special paints that have the feature of washing and cleaning themselves with the rain, when the jamb is applied on the exterior, the jambs are prevented from getting dirty over time. Jambs, keystones, crowns, moldings, columns are used as decoration elements in different places on the exterior of the buildings. If the jamb application is done well, it has a life equivalent to the life of the building.