Gypsum boards are smooth-surfaced plates produced in standard or special sizes and in certain norms, as a series with plaster in the middle and cardboard on both sides. Suspended ceilings, partition walls, dry plaster and dry flooring applications are made with plasterboard.

Why drywall? The pH value of drywall is the same as that of the human body; does not produce bacteria. Drywall is fire resistant. The simplest gypsum board wall with a width of 7.5 cm, created by making a single coating, is 30 minutes away from the fire. it is durable. Drywall is flexible. Thanks to its flexible structure in earthquake shaking, it does not explode or collapse. Drywall is lightweight. 1m ready to paint plasterboard partition wall is 9 times lighter than brick. This means that it is less affected by the earthquake. Drywall provides excellent sound and heat insulation. Your home breathes with drywall. When the humidity of the environment decreases, it returns the water molecules in the drywall to the environment, when the humidity in the environment increases, it traps them within its own structure, in short, it balances the humidity of the environment.

Drywall partition wall does not cause loss of space; You will get a smooth wall with a minimum wall thickness of 7.5 cm. You can easily disassemble the wall you created with drywall whenever you want, so you can expand or shrink your space. You save labor and time thanks to fast and easy assembly.

Drywall Systems Accessories and Profiles

Suspension wire Carrier wire Suspension strip Double spring Butterfly wire spring C type suspension tong Anchor tit suspension tong C hanger TC profile connection element type 1 TC profile connection element type 2 Attachment Clip Clip Clip clamping Angle Suspension shoe Nut-washer-screw TIJ Pipeline screw Borkof screwWood screw Dowel-washer-screw Lesson connection Inner corner tape Acoustic tapeSpecial production profile cutting scissors Taman U profile Tacan C profile Wall U profile Wall C Proprofiles Astform L angle beam Carrier profile Perforated angle iron