Marble is a long-lasting material. Marbles, which have taken their final form with the changes they have shown over the centuries, are the product of the chemical reactions that they undergo with the emergence of magma. It has many different uses. Marbles, which are used decoratively indoors or outdoors and revitalize the architecture of the area used, have a long-lasting use. It is very important to consider that it will be used for many years when coating. During the following years of use, there should be no cases such as breakage, decay, cracking, spillage.

Marble Types

Veined marbles, which are used as luxury flooring, have thin vein-like lines on a solid color. Apart from this, your flooring always maintains its shine with its bright marble type without any polishing. In addition to these, aging can be done on marble as classical floor coverings. Marbles, which have an aging style, have an appearance that has been used for many years. Tumbled marbles, which are robust because they are produced with today's technology in terms of quality, offer an aesthetic appearance.

With its decorative appearance, marble floor coverings are also preferred in luxury spaces of classical houses. Being unaffected by the external environment and physical factors, natural stones are among the longer-lasting coating and flooring decoration materials compared to other artificial facing stones. Marble flooring, which does not need serious maintenance, offers a suitable lifetime for every space.


  • Marble comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and patterns so you can choose from a variety of designs.
  • It has a very smooth surface and gives a glossy shine when polished.
  • Since marble is a translucent material, when exposed to sunlight, marble flooring shines and increases the brightness in the room.
  • For hot climates, marble is suitable as the underground feels relatively cold.
  • Because it is soft in nature, tiles of exact size can be easily cut, edges can be molded, shaped, etc.
  • It can be easily adapted to the joints of the marble tiles.
  • It gives a soft appearance when compared to granite.
  • Since there is no chemical process in its production, it is an environmentally friendly material like linoleum flooring. Also, it can decompose completely at the end of its life.
  • The mirror looks perfect when polished.
  • If the veins are perfectly matched, it will give a perfectly pleasing look.
  • Marble flooring is extremely durable and long lasting, it can withstand any external pressure and any sudden weight change can be made easily at this level. Therefore, restaurants, hotels, etc. It is very suitable for heavy traffic areas such as
  • Marble Flooring creates a very important aesthetic for interiors.
  • Although both are natural materials, unlike wooden floors, it has a high resistance to fire.
  • Marble floors are very easy to clean.
  • In the case of white marble, it is better to lay it with white cement, and on white or yellow sand (not black sand). It is also recommended to paint the underside with white cementitious paints to preserve and maximize its whiteness.