3D Building Coloring

When it is desired to have paint and whitewash for the home or office, virtual painting applications come to the rescue when it is not possible to decide which color will suit the environment. Virtual painting applications are extremely useful applications in terms of giving alternative ideas. We can list the desired and required features in these applications as follows:

  • It's free
  • Uploading photos of the house and workplace to be painted
  • Allowing the desired area of ​​the uploaded photo to be painted
  • Can be used without downloading to computer or phone
  • The selected paint color can be ordered.

In line with all these features, the preferences made can be transferred to the paint companies and a painting application can be carried out in that direction. We can examine all these paint applications in substance as follows:

Filli Boya Architect My Application

Interior and exterior painting applications can be made in the My Architect Application developed by Filli Boya company. There are alternative versions of the paint colors produced by the company. By choosing from these colors, the new painted version of the house or workplace can be seen in the application.

Jotun Colour Design

In the Jotun Color Design application offered by Jotun company, which has a worldwide production and sales network, you can choose from the paint colors produced by the company by uploading a photo of the house or office. The Jotun paint app is convenient to use for mobile devices.

Thanks to these free virtual painting applications, the state of the home or office after painting can be studied correctly and the painting work can be started in that direction. This is a very useful approach for people who have decided to paint and whitewash. Otherwise, there is no chance of returning from the paint made. In addition, since continuous paint cannot be made due to the high paint costs, this type of virtual paint application is instrumental in bringing paint costs to an extremely affordable level.

In addition, comprehensive information can be obtained from the dealers of paint companies about paint applications and useful ideas can be put into practice. Since painting is not a continuous action, it is extremely important to think about it in detail and choose the paint that suits the environment. Therefore, people who will have paint application should purchase professional painting service.